The county attorney’s office performs many services and duties. The most obvious responsibility is the prosecution of all violations of criminal law within the jurisdiction of the district court; that includes all misdemeanors, such as DUI offenses, other traffic violations, assault, and theft of less than $300. The Johnson County Attorney’s office is responsible for prosecuting all criminal charges which carries incarceration up to 12 months in the county jail, which are also known as misdemeanors or traffic violations.

County attorneys have prosecutorial jurisdiction over juvenile issues, which include criminal acts, dependency, neglect, and abuse. County attorneys also work with judges to issue emergency protective orders in domestic violence cases, handle extraditions, and oversee mental commitments and disability cases.

In circuit court, county attorneys handle felony preliminary hearings and prosecute to recover delinquent taxes. The County Attorney’s roll is limited in felony cases in conducting preliminary hearings to determine if there is probable cause or sufficient evidence to send the case to the grand jury.

In addition to these prosecutorial duties, county attorneys serve as counsel to their counties’ fiscal courts, districts, commissions, boards, and county officials in all legal issues. For example, if a new easement is to be constructed, county attorneys have to advise our elected officials on the county’s rights as a landowner. Where does our land end and someone else’s begin? If a county government or agency is sued, the county attorney advises elected officials and defends the county’s position in court.